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Apocalypse Scenarios (Signed Limited Edition) by Mira Grant

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Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover

Hand Signed by Mira Grant

Published by Subterranean Press

Join us around the campfire—or the Bunsen burner, if you prefer—as we explore a delightful assortment of nightmares, curated for your pleasure, designed to haunt your dreams.

What if you could change the worst parts of yourself by confronting your worst fears?  In Final Girls, Esther Hoffman will learn of the danger in dreams, and how much they can consume.

What happens when you push the quiet ones too far?  The gentle geniuses who work behind the scenes?  Cole and her friends like to play games.  The game she plays in “Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box,” may mean the end of the world as we know it.

There’s always another pandemic lurking in the shadows, waiting for the chance.  When Morris’s Disease hits, only Dr. Isabelle Gauley has the skills to save us.  But when you’re in the Kingdom of Needle and Bone, salvation may not be something you can recognize.

Every outbreak has its aftermath, and where better to pick up the pieces of a broken world than in “The Happiest Place”?  For the Mayor of Main Street, this may be a happy ending…

Not all dangers are natural, or manmade.  Sometimes nature steps in.  Sometimes the mysteries were never meant to be solved.  Sometimes it’s dangerous to try.  In the Shadow of Spindrift House, a group of young sleuths try anyway, and pay for their arrogance.

Mermaid stories don’t always have happy endings.  For the passengers and crew of the Melusine, when they go to find what’s Rolling in the Deep, this truth may strike a little closer to home than expected…

Dangers both natural and scientific, apocalypses both clinically clean and bathed in blood, they’re all waiting for you here, as we end the world again and again by the firelight.

Join us. 

Limited: 750 signed numbered hardcover copies


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Final Girls
  • Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box
  • Kingdom of Needle and Bone
  • The Happiest Place
  • In the Shadow of Spindrift House
  • Rolling in the Deep