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Cosmic Interruptions (Signed & Numbered Limited Edition) by Joe R. Lansdale


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Cosmic Interruptions by Joe R. Lansdale

Published by SST

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

Cosmic Interruptions is a collection of speculative fiction by Joe R. Lansdale. The stories here have been grouped as part of a four part set, this first volume loosely falling into the speculative fiction, science fiction, and off-beat fantasy realm. The stories range from alternate universes to dark futures to the warping of time and space, and a variety of unclassifiable items. There is action, humor, whimsy, and a large dollop of what was once called A Sense of Wonder. Future volumes will gather tales of crime and mystery fiction, horror and East Texas Gothic, and historical and western stories. This is a unique chance to gather not only Lansdale’s popular stories, but some that are lesser known and should be known more broadly.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale
Bill the Little Steam Shovel
In the Cold Dark Time
Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man's Back
Trapped in the Saturday Matinee
Letter From the South, Two Moons West of Nacogdoches
Starlight, Eye Bright
Down by the Sea Near the Great Big Rock
Trains Not Taken
Fish Night
Bar Talk
On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks
Personality Problems
Morning, Noon and Night
Godzilla's Twelve-Step Program
The Fat Man
The Gruesome Affair of the Electric Blue Lightning
The Dump
After the War
Hell Through a Windshield
The Tall Grass
Big Man: A Fable
The Shaggy House
King of the Cheap Romance
The Steam Man of the Prairie and the Dark Rider Get Down: A Dime Novel
Way Down There