HOT IN DECEMBER (Signed & Numbered Limited Edition) by Joe Lansdale


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Hand Signed by Joe Lansdale
Signed / Numbered Limited Edition to only 300 Hardcover Copies

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A psychological thriller in the vein of Dean Koontz and Lee Child, Hot in December is a fast-paced and entertaining novella from the author of Edge of Dark Water, The Bottoms and the Hap and Leonard novel series.

One death is only the beginning for Tom and his wife Kelly who witness a fast-driving car killing their innocent neighbor in the street.

Tom describes the driver to the police, but there is something he didn't anticipate: the driver belongs to a powerful criminal gang in East Texas.

The criminals make Tom and his family a target, abducting his wife Kelly and threatening his daughter. Now Tom must look to old war comrades for help in a brutal and unforgiving struggle to rescue his wife and bring justice to the notorious gang.

"A storyteller in the great American tradition of Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain." - Boston Globe

"Joe R. Lansdale has a folklorist's eye for telling detail and a front-porch raconteur's sense of pace." - The New York Times Book Review

"One of the greatest yarn spinners of his generation: fearless, earthy, original, manic and dreadfully funny." - Dallas Morning News

"Reading Joe Lansdale is like listening to a favorite uncle who just happens to be a fabulous storyteller." - Dean Koontz

"Joe R. Lansdale's fellow Texans would call Joe a 'straight shooter.' That's what makes his writing so good-no BS involved. Joe's work is alternately scary, funny as hell, disturbing, but always (and most importantly) memorable." - Bruce Campbell