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Project Hail Mary & Artemis (Signed Limited Edition) by Andy Weir

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Project Hail Mary & Artemis by Andy Weir

Signed & Matched Number Limited Edition Hardcover Set

Published by Subterranean Press

Artemis: Jazz Bashara has been a resident of Artemis, the lone city on the moon, since she was six years old. Too bad for her, she’s not one of the wealthier inhabitants. Instead she lives fifteen levels down in a grungy coffin that’s only good for sleeping. Jazz barely makes ends meet as a porter delivering goods between Artemis’s five bubbles (Armstrong, Aldrin, Conrad, Bean, and Shepard). Of course, not everything she delivers is legal.

So when traffic in simple contraband leads to a potential heist with a major payday, how can Jazz resist? She doesn’t even want to. But as she lays and executes her plans, there’s a problem. The stakes of this gamble put her smack in the middle of a play for control of Artemis itself--a game she’ll be lucky to get out of alive.

From international bestselling author of The Martian Andy Weir comes Artemis, an explosive, compelling thriller that will steal away readers to an inventive lunar landscape.

Project Hail Mary: In his #1 New York Times bestselling debut, The Martian, Andy Weir took us to another world. In his highly praised follow-up novel, Artemis, he took us to the Moon. Now, in his most extraordinary and ambitious book yet, Andy Weir takes us to another star.

Why does Ryland Grace, the hero and narrator of Project Hail Mary undertake such an unprecedented journey? Because the Earth’s own star, the Sun, is dying. Under attack from a mysterious energy-eating microscopic organism Ryland dubs Astrophage, the gradual dimming of the Sun spells the end of all life on Earth.

Unless something can be done… Ryland is recruited into the international effort to build a starship that can travel to Tau Ceti, a star that has been proven to be resistant to the Astrophage. The trip is to be one way, and Ryland, awakening from a medically induced coma and initially amnesiac, finds he is the only member of the three-person crew to survive.

Racing against a clock counting down to the death of the human race, Ryland puts Weir’s command of science and technology—and his ability to communicate it in clear and gripping language—to the highest imaginable test.

At every turn astonishing, Project Hail Mary meets and surpasses the impossibly high bar Andy Weir set with his earlier novels, fulfilling the promise of the title in every respect. Go to another star. Go to another world. Go long.